About Us

In any given year, there are more than fifteen million students studying in colleges and universities across the United States. Depending upon their course work, they will spend anywhere from $600 to $1200 per semester on their textbooks.

While the immediate cost of their books is a bitter pill for most, their bigger shock comes at the end of the semester when attempt to sell their “almost-new books” to their sources – normally the campus bookstores. Regrettably, the same textbook that cost a student $100 in August will only get him (her) $10 to $15 when he attempts to sell it back to the bookstore in December.

After undergoing this situation for over four years through their undergraduate studies, Bruno Kuete and a few class mates came up with the idea of UMNBOOKS.COM as an immediate solution to the expensivetextbooks situation.
We plan to bring fairness starting with the different campuses of the University of Minnesota, making sure that no student ever has to drive all the way to the bookstore when it is freezing outside, and having to wait in long line queues to buy, sell or return a textbook. We also want to make sure that no student ever has to pay $100 on a textbook while another student within the same school or any other school is selling the same book for less than $20.00 This is why we plan on expanding to all other colleges and university over the next few years.