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151 thoughts on “Our Happy customers

  1. Kate

    Great resource! Expanding the number of books would make it better, I’m only a second year undergraduate and already none of my books are general enough to be on the site

    1. admin

      thank you for your feed back! We actually have up to 2.6 million unique ISBN that we could offer, unfortunately, this semester, all five campuses of the University of Minnesota are only using 1743 of those.
      Not to worry though, we are working on a system that will allow you to sell just about any textbooks that you ever had, starting Fall 2018.

  2. Will Harens

    I’ve tried selling 4 books that I used in mechanical engineering courses and the search engine shows that the ISBN is not in the system.

    1. admin

      Will, thank you for your feedback! Because we had just launched, we thought that it would be best to only offer the books that are actually needed, but that was one person’t idea out of over 56000 of us. we will certainly expand the number of books in the system in the next few months, and you should be able to sell your books if you still have it then.

  3. Julian Bastian

    This is the first time I bought anything from this website and I would highly recommend this service to everyone. Their customer service agents are very interactive, prompt, and courteous. They offered us multiple options on return/refund, etc on a book that we bought and were not happy with. People can confidently buy from this website and expect top notch service when needed.

  4. Jessica

    What about Graduate school students/books? Do you include them? I’ve tried selling 4 books and none of their ISBNs come up.

    1. admin

      Hello Jessica,

      I am sorry that none of your books came up! We are only offering the books that other students within the University of Minnesota are using this semester Do you mind sharing the ISBN for the four books that you tried selling?

      1. Jessica

        Not a problem, it is possible classes have already moved on to the newest edition or are not offered in Spring. The ISBN numbers are 9781305628007, 9781449665487, 9780803639218, 9780826195517

      2. admin

        Hopefully these books all come back in the Fall Jessica, and how long have you been saving them for?

  5. jackzutter

    I have placed an order over two weeks ago and have not received any information saying it has shipped. This book is needed for next week and an adequate amount of time has been given for this book to be shipped in time.

    1. admin

      Zack, sorry for the inconvenience, what is the name or email address on your transaction?

    2. Cynthia Rosado

      I too ordered 2 textbooks a few days ago and have not received anything from you.

      1. admin

        Sorry for the delay Brittany, I will follow up, and update you by the end of the day. Meanwhile, please feel free to email me directly at kuetebruno@umnbook.com

  6. Timothy

    I didn’t think that they would give me my money back but they did!

  7. Emily Uppal

    we did have a mistake made but Alida corrected it immediately.. I was very happy, thank you Alida.

  8. Jessica

    Excellent condition. Shipping only took one day longer than expected, but the book was safely packaged and in condition I expected.

  9. Gabriel


  10. Sarah

    Fine transaction. Thanks!

  11. winkl079

    This is a great idea, thanks guys for thinking about this!

    1. Bruno

      Thank you, that is so nice of you!

      1. admin

        Feedbacks like these ones are always welcome, thank you!

  12. Luke L

    A nice QOL thing would be to have an option to show more items more page when scrolling through long lists instead of the standard 15 items or whatever it is.

    1. admin

      Is that something that you can actually do Luke, or just a thought?
      I agree with you though!

  13. Shauna

    Book was in great condition as expected

  14. mccul197

    I would love to know when my textbook will ship, and an estimated ETA. I just ordered my book today, when will I recieve it??

    1. admin

      I can email you the tracking number once they are shipped, or personally bring them over to campus if you go to the Twin Cities Campus!

      1. mccul197

        Great!! Could you do either of these for me– whichever way is the quickest to get my book? Email: mccul197@Umn.edu

  15. umnstudent2928

    When purchasing a book, how do you ensure that it goes to your shipping address rather than billing address? I was also curious how long it takes for the books to arrive.

    1. admin

      Initially, we failed to realize that one’s shipping address could be different from their shipping address, which we are working on fixing now. for the meantime, please email kuetebruno@umnbook.com – basically providing your order ID number and the address where you would like your order shipped to.

  16. Mikaela

    Is there a way we can see what the condition of the books are in before we purchase?

    1. admin

      Please expect all the books to be used but very good condition. In some cases they would be new, but don’t expect this to be the case – we can only promise that the books would be in a very good condition.

  17. Zakariya

    Problem free transaction, happy buyer. Thanks!

  18. Sierra

    There were no shipping details included in my order confirmation from PayPal and my card was charged.

    1. Bruno

      Was your shipping address different from the billing address too? Could you please provide us with your shipping address?

      1. Sierra

        Yes it was. Should I email my shipping address to an email?

      2. admin

        Please email it to kuetebruno@umnbook.com
        How long ago was it you ordered?

      3. Sierra

        January 4th

  19. mlkrause929

    Hi, my shipping address is different from my billing address and I did not receive a confirmation email. Should I be contacting someone to receive a confirmation?

    1. admin

      Hey Makenzie,

      Please send your mailing address to Bruno – kuetebruno@umnbook.com

  20. Eugene Booen

    Hey there!
    Excellent packaging, book was well protected. Happy with purchase.

  21. Samuel

    A very interesting book and we are very pleased in receiving our order so fast from the seller. Our next order surely will be placed with the same seller again… Read more

  22. Nicholas

    Finally arrived 2 days ago, thanks.

  23. Lauren

    Amazing Prices and service!!!

  24. Brian Ferguson

    We received our books on time and it was exactly as described by Bruno over the phone. We would certainly use this service again in the future! Thank you for your prompt service!

  25. David Achvan

    I ordered a textbook and my order was accepted and everything just fine only for me to check 3 days later and see my order had been cancelled, though I hadn’t cancelled anything. And no one had notified me of it being cancelled.

  26. winkl079

    You’re getting reported to the FBI Internet Crime Center. Hope it feels good stealing from broke college kids. Good luck Bruno Ghislain Kuete. Just paying me off is not going to end this.

    1. Sondra Katz

      Thank you for shipping the books for me to have it by the time I needed it.

  27. Graham Sudenga

    Hi, I ordered my books several days ago. When can I expect them to be delivered?

  28. suden003

    Hi! I ordered my books several days ago. When can I expect my books? I will need them very soon.

    1. admin


      Please let us know if you don’t receive it by Tuesday when you get your mails, and we can arrange to bring replacements on Campus by the end of the day Tuesday okay?

      1. suden003

        Will do! Thank you.

      2. suden003

        Hi, I did not recieve my books today.

      3. suden003

        When can I plan/expect to get my books?

    2. Erik Abdi

      Outstanding service! This was a perfect transaction. This is an asset to the University. I would love to purchase from this website again soon. 5 STARS all the way!

  29. Steven

    My book was on time and good condition.

  30. Mingyi

    How long does the shipping usually take?

    1. admin

      For orders placed today, delivery could go from January 17 to 22nd. We are doing all that we can to get students their books as quickly as we possibly can, but that is the timeline.

  31. Vianna

    There was no shipping information in the confirmation email, but my billing address is the same as shipping. Would my billing address be used to for shipping since there was no information put in during checkout?

    1. admin

      Did you have a different address to provide Vianna? If so, please send it via email to kuetebruno@umnbook.com

    2. Nina Agrawal

      This is a start up business, operated by students, trying to figure things out…

  32. Emily Baier

    The representatives were very responsive and courteous! I had some issues with my local USPS service, but they were able to get back to me very quickly and address all of my concerns! I would buy from them again for sure!

  33. Karim Alberto

    Thank you very much for the book! It arrived prior to the mentioned date and matches the described condition. It is pleasure to do business with you. Have a good week!

  34. Kumar Varoon

    Please help! We purchased the new book (loose leaf)…we do not have the access code for the online work my daughter needs for her class. Can you please supply me with this information since we paid for a new copy? She has work she is supposed to be doing online this week. I really appreciate your time

  35. Nathaniel

    Books arrived in 10 days in good condition

  36. Eric

    great service, great price

  37. Shaurav Raj

    Great service! The books arrived three days earlier than the expected delivery date and in brand-new condition instead of used. I highly recommend this website and will definitely buy more textbooks from them in the future! Thanks so much!

  38. Genevieve

    Is it possible to cancel part of an order?

  39. Kia

    My confirmation email has my shipping address in the place of my billing address. Does that mean that there as been a mix up between the two as they are separate?

  40. anissa98

    Hi, I placed my book order on January 9th and my orders page still has the order listed as “processing.” Will I be receiving my book soon?
    Thanks in advance!

  41. Baley

    I just placed an order and my billing address is not the same as my shipping address, could I possibly get that changed? I am order number 9813.

  42. Lena

    Very well kept books – Very satisfied with the service

  43. Paige

    Shipped super fast.

  44. Krishna Prasad

    Amazing deals for textbooks! My textbook even arrived earlier!

  45. Hannah Sheridan

    Hi I ordered a book and I have been charged but I have not recieved a confirmation, I need to know if I can depend on receiving it or if I should cancel through PayPal

  46. Nathan Weber

    Great experience purchasing textbook for class. Received it quickly and brand new. I appreciate the seller including an invoice with the item description and order number. Very organized and professional – would buy again!

  47. Justin Thieu

    Book was exactly as described, in excellent condition – I’m very pleased. Would certainly use this service again.

  48. Ryan Vang

    Book in excellent condition, very good condition. Prompt shipping and book was nicely packaged. Thanks!! A+ Highly recommended.

  49. jesse moskel

    Would it be better if we could actually list our own books in your website, and get to choose the price we want to sell it for?



  50. Cynthia Rosado

    The book is in great shape for being used. Very pleased with it! Thanks!

  51. Ridwan

    good job guys!

  52. michelle highsmith

    These people were prompt and polite even when I had misjudged them and falsely accused them of trying to scam students. Come to find out I was wrong and jumped to conclusions. I should have researched my issue before I over-reacted. I do apologies. They handled my concern with care and were kind even when I wasn’t. I highly recommend this website.

  53. Tiffany Brown


    Daughter very pleased with for collage. Very fast A++++

  54. Alyssa

    I purchased my order on 1/9/18 and still haven’t received my books. When will they arrive?

    1. admin

      Alyssa, and everyone else who hasn’t received their books, would you be able to meet on campus tomorrow to pick up your order? Let’s meet in front of McNamara Allumni Center at 11:00. Please find the address below
      200 SE Oak St, Minneapolis, MN 55455. Please call 612-598-7515 when you get there.

      Thank you!

      1. Kia

        Hi! We spoke earlier this week about my purchase and you said they would be arriving on Saturday. Should I also go to MacNamera tomorrow or should I wait to see if they come?

      2. admin


        Your books are not here yet, but should be in sometime today or Monday. I will let you know when we get them.

      3. Nickolas Iodice

        My book looks brand new for a fraction of the cost of buying it new. Very happy with it, thank you!

      4. Graham Sudenga

        Should I be there tomorrow as well? I ordered my books on the 10th.

      5. Kelly Henson

        you sent the wrong book!!! you sent me “Molecular Biology” instead of Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (4th Edition)!!!

  55. Alexander

    Item was listed as Very Good condition based on the 5 other copies of this book I bought from various suppliers this book was only in Good condition! It did arrive 9 days before advertised though.

  56. Melvin

    Exactly as described. Great service. Much appreciated.

  57. Adam

    Satisfied with my order and delivery time. My order / processing was slightly delayed due to weather, but it’s not a big deal.

  58. Emily

    Reading the book right now while doing this review, hopefully it’ll help bring my grades to the next level.

  59. Zyion Cooks

    I got to meet the founders, they are actually very nice!

  60. Ally Paitl

    I was wondering how to go about returning an order. I received the books too late, so I had already purchased them through another source. Is mailing them back and getting my credit card refunded an option?

  61. Aaron

    Problem free transaction, happy buyer. Thanks!

  62. Kyler

    Prompt shipping and product was as described.

  63. Keith

    Thank you

  64. Katie Gansen

    I am very happy with the purchase. Very fair price and nice value. Brand new! The delivery was fast.

  65. Stephanie

    Amazing service! Received order like it was sent at light speed!

    1. Michael Hoium

      My order was delivered to me in person, very satisfied with the service!

  66. Corinthia Fornerette

    I I really want to say a special thank you to the team that is working on this, my friends and I were able to find our books on this website for less than half the price at Coffman’s bookstore.

  67. oconn394

    Hello, I see the message above about picking up books.
    I will be on East Bank on Thursday. Is there a place for pick-up on campus? I could come by on Thursday.
    I would like my order because I need to get reading done by next week.

    1. Julie Huiras

      Excellent Service AAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++


    Anything being done to ensure that we get our books faster next time?
    Thanks Ashley!


    Hi, I’ve received my books since last week, but it’s still says “on hold.” sorry for my impatience, I just really needed the books right away, thank you for the service.

    1. Ryan Jensen

      Books arrived within a couple of days and the book was in great condition.

  70. Huy Tran

    I ordered my book on the 14th and they still haven’t arrived

    1. Aaron Johnson

      I was really happy with my order and I would definitely buy from you again.

  71. Huy Tran

    Actually, is there anyway i can just cancel my order or return the book (once i’ve received it) and get a refund?

    1. admin

      What is your order number? This should be a 4 digits number, starting with 9

      1. Sara Guetter

        Great service- appreciate how prompt they were responding to my emails and delivering the books

      2. Elizabeth

        The book was described as the seller mentioned! I returned it due to my brother already buying me it and no longer needed it. The return was smooth and easy! No… Read more

    2. Mitchell Hofer

      Everything went smoothly and item arrived early. Very happy!

  72. Benjamin Shakya

    not satisfied, mine took too long to arrive

  73. Allison Kaur

    No complaints! It’s a great service!

  74. Rebekah Lane

    Item arrived in excellent condition. Thank you 🙂

  75. Vianna

    I ordered my book on January 15th, will it be arriving soon or should I go somewhere to pick it up on campus?

    1. Rachel Ivers

      Well packaged with prompt delivery. We will do business again.

  76. Parker Hoffmann

    This was exactly what I wanted. Though I bought it used, the quality was excellent, practically in new condition. Arrived before expected and the price was great.

  77. Grace Keller

    Speedy service and book in awesome condition!

  78. Genevieve

    I also ordered my books on the 15th, and I need to have them by next week. Is there somewhere I could pick them up over the weekend?

  79. Jon Herder

    Required for a class. The book arrived promptly and in good condition.

  80. Melissa Han

    the books came sooner than expected. very satisfied

  81. Alyssa

    I purchased my books on 1/9/18. I only received one of them. When can I get the other one?

  82. Ahmed

    Item was shipped promptly and professionally, sent without tracking by the slowest available class of service, and arrived in excellent condition several days

  83. Jonathan

    Book did not come on time, returned it, still did not get money back.

  84. Joseph Gomez

    The book was in great condition and arrived way before I expected it to!

  85. Kayla Gleason

    Thank you. Fast mailing A+

    1. Kathryn Favero

      I am very happy with my book order. It was delivered a little later than I had wanted, but the book was in very good condition.

  86. Wade Ferris

    The books were in very good quality, and it was arrived on time.

  87. Nicholas B

    Books arrived quickly and in very good condition, as promised.

  88. Kyle Egan

    great shape upon arrival. Little late, but good shape!

  89. Garrett Davis

    satisfied with book and delivery-time.

  90. Laura Elton

    Delivered in good time , book in excellent condition

  91. Daniel Boyd

    Hi, My books were delivered as promised on time. Great service!!!

  92. Cho Eunkyo

    Book arrived well before the expected delivery date and was in absolutely immaculate condition. Was expecting something much more worn, given it’s age, but aside from very very minor blemishes, the book was about as perfect as you could get. Very excited to start cooking some of these wonderful recipes. The ingredient list is long, and sometimes difficult to find, but that’s part of the adventure!

  93. Andrew

    If you have not read this book, you need to do so! This truly helps explain how very difficult it is, was, and will be to "win" in Afghanistan. It truly… Read more

  94. Owen

    Fantastic experience with this seller. Speedy deliver and in perfect condition.

  95. Al-Khalil

    I didn’t have any issues and the books arrived early or on time.

  96. Faisal

    Came quickly, and the condition was as promised.

  97. Thomas Tang

    I just successfully placed an order without providing a shipping address. What should I do now?

  98. Benjamin

    The item was described as the seller mentioned! I returned it due to my brother already buying me it and no longer needed it. The return was smooth and easy!

  99. Graham Sudenga

    I have only recieved 2 of 3 books I ordered and those took a ridiculous wait. Books are in good condition, but I would think twice when buying from UMNbooks. I ordered them January 10th and the 2 took 3 weeks to get here and I am still waiting on one of the books. The books are cheap but the service has been very sub-par.

    1. Mark

      The book had a lot more highlighting / notes than I was expecting based on the description.

  100. Jacob

    Got it quickly and in very good condition!

    1. Andrew

      Fine transaction-good service !

  101. Nora

    Hey there!
    I ordered a textbook from you guys way back in January and I have not yet received it. I reached out to try and find out if something had gone wrong and I have not heard back for awhile. We can definitely chat about my order over e-mail; I figured that I might have a better chance getting a hold of you guys here.


    1. admin

      Please let us know if this issue has been resolved?

  102. Mahdian

    Hi! How soon can you get books delivered if I order today?

  103. Michael Omire

    Good afternoon, I would like to make an order. Here is a list of books I would like to buy.

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